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I like the tingle that washes and lingers over my skin after you brush yourself against me.


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Today was just a rush of hell



i feel too soft saying things like “be safe” and “make it home in one piece”, but my edges aren’t sharp anymore and i think it’s unmistakeable
i’m raw honey: i’ll leave a sweet taste in your mouth and a mess on your hands and you will
love me love me love me

"I’m going to smoke a pack a day,
and you’ll stop being the reason I cant breathe.
I’m going to drink my liver to death, and you’ll stop being the reason I can’t get up in the morning.
I’m going to have careless sex, lots and lots of dirty, filthy, meaningless sex,
and you’ll stop being the reason I crave love. One day you won’t be the one in my heart,
and you’ll stop being the reason I’m cold to the touch,
you won’t be
you wont’ be

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"If you don’t get excited when you’re about to kiss someone then you probably shouldn’t be kissing them. It should get you riled up inside and should not be mediocre."

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Hahahahahaha some people need to learn self respect.

People need more standards aha. The world has do many pathetic people that need to get their heads out of their asses and get a life.